slender arm shapewear
shapewear for flabby arms
Can't wait to get slim and sexy arms? A Squeezy Tee makes you look so good. No heavy weights or gym membership required.

"Look at me now!"

Tired of those jiggly, flabby arms?
All your efforts have been in vain, including all those hours at the gym. And you have lost your confidence...

Squeezy Tees shapewear to the rescue!
Squeezy Tees is the first comfortable shapewear top, made with the exclusive Slender Arms Technology™, which makes your arms look thinner. We use the finest fabrics made in America.

Great success in masking flabby arms...
Your jiggly and flabby arms now look thinner and toned. You feel slender, confident and radiant. Squeezy Tees goes from your workday, to your workout, to your night-out.

How to make it work

arm slimming shapewear

Squeezy Tees is going to do things for you that no other garment has been able to do!
It will take you a little longer to pull up the sleeves but this garment works for you, so be patient.

shapewear for arms

Line up the seams under your arms as the picture shows you and pull up carefully.

get rid of flabby arms

You can wear Squeezy Tees under your garments or outside, with your favorite bottoms. The rich color and fabric can take you anywhere.
You will be amazed at the results!

On our website, you can shop our retail store for our arm slimming Squeezy Tees, made with our exclusive Slender Arm Technology™. Join the group of women who, like Ms. Squeezy, are getting rid of flabby arms and can say: "Look at me now!"

Because of the way the Slender Arm Technology™ works, it is important that you check our sizing instructions.


A Squeezy Tee makes you look so good. *** Still with free shipping in the US.